Avery’s Albino

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Origin: Cuba

Starting Dose: Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs

Onset Time: 45-60 mins

Duration: 4-5 hrs

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Avery’s albino mushroom

Avery’s albino mushroom.

The rare Albino Avery is a true albino strain coming from the Cambodian strain.

As the name implies the bright white colour comes from the lack of pigmentation which results in Avery’s Albino’s distinct ghostly white colouration.

It is a mutation that specifically affects A+ strains called ‘Leucism’.

Albino Avery mushrooms are known for their quality potency affecting users mentally and visually.

Many users revere this shroom strain for its heavy-hitting effects and quick-acting high which can be felt as soon as 15-30 minutes after digestion.

Our dosage recommendations are 0.5 – 1.0g for beginners or a lighter shorter high, between 1g and 3g is considered a good margin for the average user and 3g+ for experienced users and a very potent high.

Be careful not to mix these bad boys with other psychoactive substances as the Albino Avery will – without a doubt – give you a great experience!

Albino Avery mushrooms, is one of the rare mushies around.

However, the strain is named after a prominent Albino comedian Avery. It’s a hybrid shroom that grows just as vigorous as any other liberty caps. The strain drops pretty good spores and has solid stems.

The outcross shroom is famous for its quick and physical high that can last up to five hours. The philosopher’s stone, Albino Avery mushrooms, is a special strain because it has little or no pigmentation.

It’s a white Psilocybe Cubensis, which is believed to be a mutation of the Cubensis A. Other reports state that the strain originates from Mexico, South America, and Cambodia strains.

Further, the strain is sharp, forming a nipple-like that can get bluish coloration.

Albino Avery is a recent newcomer in the mushroom industry. Apparently, a geneticist worked for years on researching the pigment allocation and mutations in the Psilocybe Cubensis A+ strain.

avery's albino mushroom

The result is the Albino Avery, a thick and bulbous magical mushroom with medium potency and great psychedelic effects. The experience will last for a long time, ensuring you get what you want the most, which is fun and relaxation!

The effects are intense and quick to act, as they’ll elevate your mood and creativity to new levels. You’ll become excited and ecstatic in a few minutes after consuming some of this mushroom.

The experience is completely pleasant and satisfying, considering that Albino Avery produces intense visual hallucinations. It’ll provide a glance at synesthesia, as well. If you take a larger dose, more potent effects will occur.

What are the effects of Albino Avery?

 Albino Avery delivers incredible effects in the form of euphoria, improved creativity, relaxation, and intense visual effects.

As soon as you consume some of this mushroom, the effects will kick in in approximately 30 minutes. The psilocybin and psilocin spread throughout your body, affecting your physiological functions.

On larger doses, more intense visual hallucinations appear, such as synesthesia, fractals, dancing lights, and so on.

Either way, the experience is totally worth it, especially from a therapeutic point of view.

Scientific studies report that psilocybin, which Albino Avery is full of, can alleviate symptoms of PTSD, cluster headaches, anxiety, and depression.

In fact, if you suffer from either anxiety or depression, a bite from this mushroom should settle your mind and calm your anxiety down.

During the psychedelic experience, you’ll experience a state of blissful relaxation surrounded by euphoria and relentless joy.

How do you consume Albino Avery effectively?

 While we recommend specific consumption methods, there are 5 ways you can consume Albino Avery. One of these implies eating the mushrooms raw, while ensuring you chew on them very well.

In about 45 minutes, the effects should kick in. Alternatively, you can brew a tea from chopped or crushed mushrooms. The taste and effects will also be milder, though.

You can also incorporate a few mushrooms into various edibles like sauces or toppings for pizzas.

You shouldn’t add Albino Avery during the cooking stage because high levels of heat burn out the psilocybin and psilocin. This results in an inferior psychedelic experience.

Instead, add the mushrooms at the end, when the food is already cooked. Mushroom microdosing (via capsules or raw) is the best way to consume Albino Avery and enjoy all the benefits with no psychedelic effects.

Consume about 0.1-0.3 grams per dose, and you should be fine.  Lastly, you can make a lemonade from fresh lemons and add a few mushrooms. Apparently, the experience will be more intense!


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