Euphoria Psychedelics – Milk Chocolate 6000mg


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Euphoria Psychedelics – Milk Chocolate 6000mg

Like an ordinary chocolate bar, but much better. A rich, velvety pleasure with a hint of ‘je ne sais quoi’. Our psilocybin mushroom-infused chocolates will help you achieve your own level of ecstasy in the most delectable way possible. We make even mushrooms taste like *chef’s kiss*.

Our 6000MG bars are for individuals who want to gradually transcend into another dimension and undergo metamorphosis. Expect colors, tastes, sounds, and textures to be unique and warped. This bar might leave you feeling dreamy, flowing, and tingly.

6000MG entire bar | 500MG for 12 pieces

To control your amount of euphoria, begin low and progress slowly.

Micro dose = 100-500mg | Mellow sensations, no hallucinations.
Mini dose = 1000-2000mg | Immaculate vibes, expect moderate sights. Macro Dose: 3000-5000mg | Expect sights and hallucinations.
Hero Dose = 6000mg+ | Euphoric sensations with strong sights and hallucinations.
Directions: Allow 30-60 minutes to determine tolerance level. For Macro or Hero doses, make sure you’re in a safe and comfortable place where you can enjoy your trip without tension. Before taking this dose, make sure you’re properly nourished (eat) and hydrated, as it can cause nausea and dizziness. It is strongly advised that you take this dose with someone you trust who can monitor and support you during your journey.

What are the benefits of Psilocybin Mushroom? – Improve mood and mental clarity – Reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other conditions – improve creativity, focus, and memory.

Ingredients: High-quality milk chocolate, soy lecithin, and psilocybin mushrooms.

Storage: Keep cold and dry, out of reach of children and pets.

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1200mg, 3000mg, 6000mg


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