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Moon Chocolate Bar: We aimed to produce a functional snack that was enjoyable, tasty, and convenient. Our mushroom chocolate bar is the ideal approach to introduce yourself to functional mushrooms and unleash your body’s and mind’s full potential. A functional food, such as mushrooms, is wasted when eaten in capsules or tablets, thus we combined ten of our favorite functional mushrooms into a wonderful High End Dark moon bar edible prepared by our local Hawaiian chocolatier.

Fine Chocolate Moon Bar Benefits

Complete Mushroom Formula for the Best Health
Each chocolate bar has 4 grams.
A potent combination of functional mushrooms, including reishi, lion’s mane, chaga, and cordyceps, operate as natural stress relievers.

Moon Chocolate Bar Where To Buy

Maitake and Cordyceps are high in vitamins and bioactive substances, making them effective for naturally increasing energy production.
Our moon chocolate bar mushroom blend contains polysaccharides, triterpenes, and bioactive compounds that will boost your immune system.

Moon Bar Edible Review

For starters, Maitake can assist prevent weight gain, while Turkey Tail balances beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Supporting your metabolism from all angles.
Second, Lion’s Mane includes hericenones and erinacines, which increase concentration, memory, and mood.
Finally, turkey tail promotes a healthy gut flora by balancing microorganisms in the gut.
Furthermore, polls show that the primary motives for microdosing are to reduce anxiety and despair, improve well-being, and treat symptoms of mental disease.
To summarize, chocolate contains a variety of psychotropic chemicals. This could contribute to the cognitive consequences of a low dose of psilocybin. Chocolate includes lipids, which promote the release of endogenous chemicals. It produces exhilaration in the same way as heroin does.


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