Funguy Chocolate Mushroom Bar



Funguy Chocolate Bar Leading Psilocybin Chocolates In To The  Future

In terms of psilocybin chocolates, Funguy Chocolate has been increasingly popular. Our delicious Fun Guy chocolate bars contain psilocybin, making them an enjoyable method to ingest the Funguy mushroom. Many people dislike the flavor of fresh or dried Funguy mushrooms because they are too earthy, but incorporating them into chocolate has proven to be a delicious alternative. We masterfully make Funguy chocolate bars, which are available for purchase on our website and in various dispensaries across the United States.

Funguy Chocolate Bar For Sale

Our Funguy chocolate shrooms delicacies are not inexpensive due to the time and work required to produce them, provide adequate dosage to consumers, and ensure that they taste delicious. Most shroom chocolate customers regard them as a luxurious but healthy snack.
The technique of combining psilocybin with chocolate is not new. It has a long tradition and history, dating back to the Aztecs, who were known to combine psilocybin mushrooms and cacao, both of which grow naturally in Mexico.

Fun Guy Chocolate Benefits

The benefits of Funguy Chocolate bar is associated with;

  • stress and anxiety relief
  • increased brain activity,
  • creativity and
  • also effective for treating depression, post- traumatic stress disorders and addiction.

Fun guy Chocolate bars come in a wide array of choices , flavors, ingredients and doses. Depending on your experience with psilocybin in the past, you can choose from low or high doses which can be broken down based on the dosage provided by us on the label.

Funguy Chocolate  Bar Ingredients

Our Funguy chocolate bars are composed of the following basic ingredients;

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Fun Guy Blend
  • VanilLa and
  •  Himalayan Pink Salts.

Please note all our Funguy mushroom chocolate Bars are gluten free , vegan and dairy free.

Funguy Chocolate Effects

To begin, Fun Guy Chocolates, like other psilocybin drugs, have subjective effects that might vary greatly among individual users. Second, the mind-altering effects of Funguy mushrooms in chocolates normally last between three and eight hours, depending on how many Funguy mushroom chocolate bars are consumed and an individual’s metabolism. Purchase fun guy mushroom chocolate mushrooms near me.

Also, Fun Guy chocolates heighten the intensity of events. So, if a person enters a journey in an anxious frame of mind, they are guaranteed to suffer a high level of anxiety during the trip. Most shroom chocolate drinkers prefer to enjoy this hallucinogenic chocolate with other trip members. If you enjoy psilocybin chocolate, hurry over to and check out our assortment.

Funguy Chocolate Bar Your Perfect Microdosing Partner 

The magic of our Funguy shroom chocolate bars is that they can be simply divided into perfectly microdosed portions. As a result, customers may manage the amount of psilocybin they eat with each bite.

“Funguy Chocolates are separated into four sections. Each piece has 200 milligrams of psilocybin mushrooms”. We recommend cutting each piece in half (100 mg) or quarters (50 mg) for an optimal psilocybin microdose regimen. Depending on your dosing schedule, one Fun Guy Chocolate bar should last 1-2 days.

Furthermore, for individuals who are new to psilocybin or want to reap its benefits on a regular basis, microdosing is a simple and efficient approach to dip a toe into the proverbial psychedelic pool. Once again, microdosing allows you to lean into an altered mood and viewpoint rather than venturing into outer space on a hero’s quest.


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