Funguy Gummy Bears – (1000MG-3000MG)


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Funguy Gummies | Magic Mushrooms Gummies For Sale

FunGuy Gummies are made with extracts from superior cultivated Cubensis. These tasty mushroom gummies are gentle on the stomach and taste senses while still providing the hallucinogenic benefits of magic mushrooms! One or more pieces result in a stronger visual and acoustic experience, increased laughter, and a little aphrodisiac effect. For experienced psychonauts.

Recommended dosage

Eat these psilocybin mushroom gummies on an empty stomach. Take 250mg to 500mg to boost creativity, energy, focus, and interpersonal skills. For a complete psychedelic experience, take 1000mg or more. Funguy mushroom gummies.


  • 1000mg – 250mg x 4 pieces
  • 3000mg – 750mg x 4 pieces

Additional information


1000mg – 250mg x 4 pieces, 3000mg – 750mg x 4 pieces


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