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Fusion Mushroom Bars For Sale

Fusion Mushroom Bars is one of the most popular mushroom bars on the market right now. We have managed to capture more than 14% of the mushroom bars market share. Being able to compete with larger and more established companies like Mr Mushies and One Up Mushroom only adds to the quality of our shroom bars. Fusion initially produced 4 and 6 gram chocolate bars, but later introduced the Fusion shroom bar.

Fusion Shroom Chocolate Bars

We have almost thirty distinct fusion bars. There is certainly something for everyone. Our chocolate bars stand out from other mushroom chocolate bars because of their medicinal properties and strong trip. Fusion bars, although being relatively new to the market, are currently among the top five most sought-after mushroom chocolate bars. This reflects positively on the quality of our Fusion bars.

Fusion Bars Mushroom Flavors

This mushroom chocolate bar being a relatively new shrooms bar it comes with a variety of different delicious flavors to chose from. Fusion Magic Mushroom Chocolate Flavors include . Cookies and Cream M&M’s Dark Chocolate Banana Chocolate Twix Birthday Cake Fruity pebbles Thin mints Banana Chocolate Rocky Road Nerds and Froot loops Cookies Dough Peanut Butter Cup Strawberries and Cream Milk Chocolate Horchata Key Lime Pie Raspberry Dark Chocolate

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Fusion mushroom bars are similar to your favorite mushroom bars, such as one up mushroom bars and polka dot bars. Fusion began creating both 4 and 6 gram bars. However, the 4-gram bars were discontinued. Our shroom bars are crafted with functional magic mushrooms like Reishi, whose benefits are widely proven. Our fusion premium mushroom chocolate bar also contains chamomile, L-theanine, magnesium, and zinc, all of which have several health advantages and help us stand out from other mushroom chocolate bars. The taste of our chocolate bars is what sets Fusion Magic Mushroom Bar apart. We have highly unusual flavors manufactured from high-quality chocolates. Fusion chocolate bars are the first psychedelic mushroom brand, offering over 30 varieties. This is because our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

Fusion Bars Mushroom Chocolate Bar Review

These mushroom chocolate bars are new to the psychedelic mushroom bar industry, but we believe we can be the best. The fusion squad consists of mushroom enthusiasts who not only cultivate but also consume these magical mushrooms in large quantities. That is why we took the effort to build a chocolate bar that would address many of the issues that mushroom users faced. Some of these difficulties include the unpleasant flavor of shrooms and the usage of low-quality chocolate. We at Fusion Shroom Bars created a mushroom chocolate bar using not only the greatest quality chocolates on the market, but also some of the most potent mushroom strains. Many mushroom users have also complained about the usage of DMT and other chemicals in the making of chocolate bars, which has given the mushroom chocolate bar industry a poor name. That is why we at Fusion Magic Mushroom Bars decided to make chocolate bars using the highest grade mushroom strains. Don’t just take our word for it; try our fusion bars and you’ll notice that they have the same effect as mushrooms.

Fusion Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars

What distinguishes fusion mushroom bars from other shroom bars is not simply the addition of compounds like Chamomile and L-Theanine. What distinguishes our mushroom bars is the attention to detail and the rigorous technique used to create fusion bars. To ensure the greatest bars, our skilled staff exclusively employs the highest quality chocolate and mushrooms. Fusion premium mushroom bar also has medical benefits, such as enhanced sleep and a fantastic vacation. So, why not try fusion bars?

Fusion Mushroom Bars Reddit

Fusion Magic Mushroom Candy Bar The rising popularity of fusion chocolate bars has resulted in the appearance of several fakes and copycats of our chocolate bars. These people are becoming more inventive, making it more difficult for our dedicated customers to tell the difference between a real mushroom chocolate bar and a fake. As a result, we decided to include the unique product code on our packaging. To verify the legitimacy of your shroom bar, please enter the code on our website.

Fusion Magic Mushroom Chocolate bar

Each chocolate bar contains about 4 grams per bar.

Mild user: start with 1-2 pieces

Medium user: start with 3-4 pieces

Heavy user: start with 5-6 pieces

NB: If you’re still figuring out your tolerance level start off with 1-2 pieces. If there are no effects after 1 hour, have another.

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Cookies and Cream, M&M’s, Dark Chocolate, Banana Chocolate, Twix, Birthday Cake, Fruity pebbles, Thin mints, Banana Chocolate, Rocky Road, Cookies Dough, Peanut Butter Cup, Strawberries and Cream, Milk Chocolate, Horchata, Key Lime Pie, Raspberry Dark Chocolate


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