Mynd Magic Mushroom Gummies


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Mynd Magic Mushroom Gummies

Mynd Mushroom Gummies – Cherry flavor

Each gummy has 250mg. 3g per box.

12 gummies per box

Can be used for both “micro” or “hero” dosing.


Myndfully infused Gummies

Ingredients: See Photos


Please do your own research when it comes to determining the right protocol for you!

Suggested Paul Stamets Protocol: 4 days microdose in a row, followed by 3 days off – repeat cycle for 30 days and evaluate

If you’re new, start low and go slow, and keep good notes until you find your microdosing sweet spot.

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1 Pack (contains 12 gummies), Box of 10 (contains 10 Packs), Box of 20 Box of 10 (contains 20 Packs)


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