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Experience a true dose of goofy cybin chocolate and feel effects that transport you to a higher dimension. Our goofy cybin handcrafted Swiss chocolate embodies the culture and vibes of the profound psychedelic experience in every bite. Dive into 5 GB of endless vegetable joy.

Silly Cybin Chocolate Bar Review

Furthermore, hallucinogenic mushrooms have been a component of human society since recorded history began. Ancient drawings of mushroom humanoids going back to 5000 B.C. have been discovered in caverns on the Tassili plateau in northern Algeria.

A single seed planted will eventually grow into a garden. When times are bad, tend to the garden in your thoughts.

Silly Cybin bar – Milk chocolate with 5g of magic!. Milk chocolate with 12 segments for convenient microdosing.

Silly Cybin chocolate Review

Overall, consumers have given silly cybin mushroom chocolate bar very positive feedback, praising its flavor, strength, and ease. However, the funny cybin mushrooms chocolate bar has been one of our top sellers. We were delighted to learn that the majority of the flavors are well-liked and that even seasoned mushroom chocolate consumers can feel the effects of our bars. Visit our social media accounts to discover what others are saying about our bars.

The Future of Silly Cybin Mushrooms Chocolate Bars

Early in 2023, the funny cybin chocolate team added one more flavor to the current three. That has not slowed us down. We at Diamond Shruumz Chocolate have been working hard to collaborate with Laughing Gas. To create and exclusively distribute five new tastes. The new flavors include Tremendous, Coco, and White Truffle. To summarize, the funny cybin team is constantly striving to improve our customers’ experiences, so expect new flavors and items from us before the end of the year.


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