Astral Bar Mushroom Chocolate Bar


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Astral Bar Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Embark on a cosmic voyage with Astral Bars, the psilocybin chocolate bars that will take you to the distant reaches of the universe using 5 psilocybin grams extracted from 5 unique mystical mushroom strains:

Trinity, Thrasher, Yeti, Tidal Wave, and Penis Envy.

Prepare for takeoff as you explore the depths of your inner universe with the help of the knowledgeable magic mushroom experts at FunGuyz, Canada’s go-to source for magic mushrooms and more.
Experience a supernova of experiences ranging from modest mood lifts to breathtaking visual displays, all depending on the dosage.
Enjoy the combination of rich chocolate flavors that expertly mask the earthy harshness of magic mushrooms.
These psilocybin chocolate bars are your passport to discovering the limitless possibilities of the mind and beyond. Utilizing the celestial Astral Bars as a guide, blast off into the outer regions of your inner cosmos to satisfy your sweet tooth and curiosities.

Effects of Psilocybin Astral Bars Yeti Chocolate

Astral Bar Chocolate: Some enthusiasts claim that the sugar in chocolates, notably Astral chocolate bars, reduces the effects of psilocybin, resulting in fewer effects from the same dose of mushrooms than eating them dry. We wouldn’t rely on it, and we wouldn’t recommend taking bigger doses either. Here’s what to expect from each section of Astral Bar with magic mushrooms:

Minimal recreational dose, 1/8th of the chocolate bar, 1/2 serving:

  • Minor mood improvement;
  • Less notable or non-existent anxiety symptoms;
  • More motivation, more energy to do things;
  • Slightly altered perception;
  • Increased awareness.

The effect is expected to last not less than 4 hours, with peak concentration between 30 minutes and 1 hour mark.

Full recreational dose, 1/4th of the chocolate bar, 1 serving:

  • Mild euphoric feeling with more empathy;
  • Energy boost, less fatigue;
  • Strong feeling of relaxation, body high;
  • More notable sense of introspection;
  • Enhanced creativity.

The effects from one serving are expected to last for a full 6 hours (with the peak reaching between 40 minutes and 1 hour marks), more intense than the smaller options.

High dose, 1/2 of the chocolate bar, 2 servings at a time:

  • Notable psychedelic experience;
  • Vivid visual hallucinations;
  • Altered time perception;
  • Deep spiritual experience;
  • Strong body height (it’s “easy” to move, dance, and run).

These effects are more individual and depend on set and setting more than they are on the exact chocolate bar brand or the strain inside. Expect them to last for a full 8 hours.

Heroic dose, full chocolate bar, all 4 servings at a time:

  • Ego transformation possibilities
  • Intense visuals;
  • Highly spiritual sensations;
  • Individual discoveries;
  • Intense body high.

We do not recommend eating the entire bar if you are not familiar with psychedelics. At this stage, you will experience around 8 hours of intense spirituality, with no assurance of results. At this point, it’s a meeting with the deepest recesses of your mind, and we have no idea how it will unfold for you. It all depends on your setup and preferences.



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